What’s in a reel? Aside from footage.

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What’s in a reel? Aside from footage.

For the past six years I’ve managed to operate (or live) on word of mouth completely.  A few of the projects that I’ve shot see eyes, I’ve never actually gathered clips into one space and put them out there for the world to scrutinize.  There’s a term for it, it’s called a REEL.   The reel is a tool designed to showcase an artists work in hopes that they can grow new partnerships.  It goes without saying that putting your best footage forward is good practice.

Should we be afraid to add some of our own personality as well?

I’ve seen a decent number of DP and Director’s reels over the years, and there are a lot of talented people out there.  Whether they have the tools or just the tenacity to get it done, there’s no denying pretty images are everywhere.

As technology advances faster, the ability to create stellar imagery becomes much more simple.  Several articles from all over the net point to vimeo videos that have the feel, flare, and look of a Terrence Malick  film, I can’t say I completely disagree, either.

The abundance of budding, and very good, cinematographers have and will grow exponentially over the coming years, perhaps the reels will need more than just perfect lighting ratios and incredible compositions to catch the eyes of directors in need.  After all, the collaborative effort of filmmaking isn’t just about the image, on set…

We all have to (kinda) get along, too

I can sum up my experience working as a DP for the last six years with one word: fun And, the people I collaborated with? Fun.  Even the roughest, coldest, moldiest, grodiest conditions I can look fondly upon and pick one or two laughs that I had with crew members who eventually became good friends.

Going to create a sort of farewell to DPing (as I move into Directing as my main gig), I wanted my reel to show such, and my personality.  I love working, and while I can be serious when the time calls for it, I’m not a dull shooter on set.  What you’re about to watch reflects that.

It also sheds a glimpse, through the heavy-handed irony of song and imagery, into how everyone in the camp is getting along these days.  It’s a long journey for the passionate artist, and most paths have a lot of hard knocks in store for us.  So…

While some might not like it THIS hot (or weird)

Here’s my pitch for personalizing your reel with more than your name presented in a perfect font along with your favorite piece of music.  Enjoy~


Want to share any experiences DPing? Got a reel you want to show? No matter what level you’re at, post up in the comments below! I bet we’ve had similar ones.

Thanks to rainfall.tv, runsilent.org, and everyone involved in front of or behind the camera.  It’s been fun!

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