What’s in a reel? Aside from footage.

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DPing is Hot

For the past six years I’ve managed to operate (or live) on word of mouth completely.  A few of the projects that I’ve shot see eyes, I’ve never actually gathered clips into one space and put them out there for the world to scrutinize.  There’s a term for it, it’s called a REEL.   The reel is a tool designed to showcase an artists work in hopes that they can grow new partnerships.  It goes without saying that putting your best footage forward is good practice.

Should we be afraid to add some of our own personality as well?
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Mini-Flow Part 2 | White Noise

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Pete Destroys Noise once and for all

In the second part of the mini-flow we’re looking at noise, specifically two “kinds”, how they affect your image and what to do about them before you hit the third leg of the mini-flow.  Although it’s quite subjective, we feel that noise can be your friend… if you’re nice to it.

Enter the Denoise Plug-in. Read more>

Mini-Flow Part 1 | 5DtoRGB makes your footage prettier

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Mini-Flow Part 1 | 5DtoRGB

Great images cost a lot of time and/or money.  When I go to grab an MX or Epic I’m going with the ton of money approach.  When we have to shoot with a 5D MKII we’re talking about a ton of time, because there wasn’t that much money to begin with.  In dealing with either, it’s important to understand the various stages of a post  process and how to incorporate that into your schedule.

Thanks to a few hints from friends and the intercats, I’ve locked down a mini-flow to help juice my  image down to the last worthwhile drop when dealing with SLR video and I’d like to share some with you. Beginning with Rarevision’s 5DtoRGB. Read more>

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